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Revision EN 1443

The following voting procedures are currently running on TC166-level.

Revision EN 1443

After a period of 5 years, a standard is checked whether it should be revised or not (e.g. for technical reason, ..). Currently, the enquiry among CEN-members is ongoing on whether EN 1443 should be revised or not. EN 1443 sets the basic requirements for ALL chimneys, independent of material.

In our view the following points make a revision necessary:

– Clarification of different classes (e.g. corrosion, ..)
– Inclusion of new fuels (e.g. cereals, ..)
– Distance to combustible – Value should be declared for either O or G, which is higher
– Addition of „LAS, ventilated“ as application

Heat load values

In the area of chimneys, CEN/TC166 provides the test-norm EN 13216-1, which includes material independent test requirements for chimneys. This should be the basis for the material-dependent product norms. However, at present standards like EN 1858 (concrete) or EN 1859 incorporated their own requirements (such as heat load values), which differ from EN 13216.
TC166 clearly decided before that there is just the reference to EN 13216 allowed, and reinforced its decision in its last meeting, proposing a unified table for the heat load values that should be included into the EN 13216. Some of the subgroups (like SC2 metal) already approved the proposal.

In our view, the proposal has to be accepted.

Formal vote on draft of revising EN 12446 and EN 1858

Both standards EN 1858 and EN 12446 are subject to revision. A first draft has been issued and is now under public enquiry. Due to the fact that non-authorised changes have been made to the documents, the drafts should be rejected, sending it back to TC166/SC1 for discussion.

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