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Current results of votings

At the moment, several projects on European standards are running. Two of those projects have been finished, one regarding prEN13063-3 and one regarding amendments for EN 13063 parts 1 and 2.

13063-3 „Chimneys - System chimneys with clay/ceramic flue liners - Part 3: Requirements and test methods for air flue system chimneys”:

  • Result of formal vote: 20 Approvals, 0 Disapprovals
  • Publication probably end of 2007
  • Scope: This product standard specifies the requirements and test methods for dry (designated D) and/or wet (designated W) air flue system chimneys, including terminals in which the products of combustion are carried into the atmosphere through clay/ceramic flue liners and combustion air is carried into suitable room-sealed appliances through an air duct or an air gap. Besides the requirements laid down in 13063-1 and -2, additional requirements for terminals are set (e.g. aerodynamic requirements).

EN 13063-1:2005/prA1, EN 13063-2:2005/prA1:

  • UAP finished, 21 Approvals, 0 Disapprovals
  • Publication probably end of 2007
  • Scope: These amendments mainly correct mistakes regarding references to other standards.

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