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Unified corrosion test method

TC166 has asked SC2 to start the work on unifying the test method for metal chimneys.


Currently, 3 different corrosion-tests (V1, V2, V3) are mentioned in 1856-1. The system therefore is complicated, as the connection between corrosion classes and corrosion test has to be made in national legislation. TC166 has made the decision 5 years ago, that in the future only one test should be in place. This working group should prepare a new draft.

Discussed points:

  • Future test should be based on current V2-test, with alterations
  • Duration of test: No research available on how long is the minimum time for corrosion tests (V2=30 days). Pre normative research would be required – not favored by participants as too long and expensive. Instead, experience of TÃœV will be trusted.
  • Corrosion classes: Instead of 3, 4 classes will be in the future. Class 3 for wood (woodlogs, chips, pellets), class 4 for all other fuels (e.g. coal, new fuels like powercorn, etc.)
  • Composition of flue gas: Most important point during the meeting. For the different corrosion classes (and thus materials) the content of Cl and S have been defined as follows:
    - Class 1 (gas): same as currently V1-test
    - Class 2 (oil): same as V2 now
    - Class 3 (wood): not clear yet. Currently, tests in France are running to get basis for decision. To be defined at next meeting.
    - Class 4 (coal, new fuels, ..): to be defined at next meeting.

Next meeting: October 2007

The minutes of this meeting can be obtained in the standardization-area (login required).

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